79 hours—80 is too much

79 hours—80 is too much

Major Projects

Last Stop—https://last-stop.info/

Dev Bootcamp final project. A mobile-first website that uses one's location to determine the last buses departing at nearby stops for that day. Primarily responsible for project management, debugging, SSL certification, geolocation implementation, and stop filtering.

Tech Stack: API via Rails, Frontend React, MongoDB/mLab database, Heroku hosting

Minor Projects


Dev Bootcamp group project. A Javascript project to implement Connect Four. Responsible for the frontend, silly and serious. Implementation required knowledge of the jQuery UI library.


Digital Days—https://github.com/frankiebee/Digital-Days

A web application that allows users to track their productivity and mood and determine correlations between the aforementioned and factors such as weather. Responsible for D3.js implementation.

Silly Experiments

Color Splat—https://rubygems.org/gems/color_splat

A small in-progress Ruby gem that will provide an array of colors based on language input, such as flags, brand names, and common nouns.

Nowhere to Hide—https://github.com/Zanibas/Nowhere-to-Hide

A Chrome extension made for the 2016 SAN FRANCISCO STUPID SHIT NO ONE NEEDS AND TERRIBLE IDEAS "HACKATHON". When enabled in incognito mode, it will speak back your search queries on your speaker using the built-in speech synthesizer in Chrome.